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Typeform & Squarespace

do they work together?

Typeform is such a great innovation. I won’t get into form-building here as articulation and explaining how is kinda their bag, so check out their Help Center here. Now, if you happen to be working with Squarespace Inc., you may be a bit confused on the integration as I was...

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Great Brands & Their Makers 

Part 1: starbucks

These are brands that are so well-done, they went beyond my subconscious and caused me to think (and write) about brand strategy and positioning...

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Adobe Portfolio Form Hack

Embedding forms to on-board clients in Adobe Portfolio

Adobe offers a no-brainer solution if you’re a creative just looking to show work. Adobe Portfolio honestly couldn’t be simpler. It integrates nicely with Behance and even allows for timely and hassle-free syncing while updating your Behance portfolio...

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Idea Catalysts

How sixteen creators helped me create

I found myself once aimlessly clicking links in an effort to find visual inspiration for an upcoming project. Around that time, my brain began to fire off numerous images of illustrators, designers, letterers — people who had one thing in common: their craft fueled my developing craft...

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